Angela Chatman, GJVA/VA-MW Program Director
Dolores Calata, Authorizations and E&B for In-Lab Sleep Studies
Emma Haley, Scheduling Director
Glen Johnston, Billing and Collections Specialist
Virginia Austin, Medical Records
Jamila Jackson, Operations Analyst/ Billing Specialist
Jasmine Agosto, Patient Care Specialist
Jessica Craig, E&B/Authorization Specialist for the CPAP
Jessica Eve Vargas, Operations Analysts/Triwest-Tricare
Program Jessica McIlvaine, Referral and Data Specialist Director
Jeanne Pabellon, Administrative Assistant
Julia Firelein, BCBS/GJVA Project Director
Madison Mortenson, Patient Care Specialist
Nina Carmela Palomares, Executive Assistant/ Technical
Sara Kearney, Accounting Specialist


Anthony Ferrin, RPSGT, RST, BA is our CPAP Program Director, overseeing the treatment,
therapy, and education of our patients who use PAP at home. He has nearly a decade invested in
sleep therapy and passionately pursues patient care and education.
Alex Yokomizo, RMA, RPSGT, has over a decade experience in the health and medical field
with 7 of those years in sleep medicine. She is our VA liaison for our veteran CPAP patients and
works closely with the Veterans Affairs Southern Nevada Healthcare System to ensure our
nations heroes get the treatment and service they deserve. She is also a technologist in our CPAP
Program and sets patients up on PAP therapy and works with our PAP patients to improve
Austin Hankins, RPSGT, RST has over 10 years of sleep experience. He is one of our senior
technologists and works with our CPAP Program in setting up our patients with their CPAP
equipment and supplies. He also counsels our patients in regards to their CPAP therapy to
improve patient adherence and satisfaction with the use of CPAP
Erick Bartolome RPSGT, RRT, has over 10 years of sleep experience, he is one of our senior
sleep technologist who’s is also a registered respiratory therapist in Nevada. His vast knowledge
base has equipped him with superior assessment and clinical skills and is relied upon for difficult
Ingrid Rincon, RPSGT is one of our scoring techs and the CPAP Program RPSGT for our
South Meadows Reno office. She was a Medical Doctor in Venezuela for 10 years.
Janita Lutz, RPSGT, RST is our senior technologist with more than 25 years of experience as a
sleep technician and a research coordinator in the sleep field at Johns Hopkins Hospital.
Kathy McMillan, RPSGT has over 9 years of sleep experience including pediatric bedside
monitoring. She is currently working with our veterans in scheduling their PAP appointments
and follow up.
Lori Strain, RPSGT has over 3 years’ experience in sleep. She is experienced in both
conducting and scoring studies.
Luis Socorro, RPSGT is our Chief Technologist. He works closely with our interpreting
physicians to assure communications of their requirements to technical staff.

John Anderson, CPSGT he educates patients on the use of their equipment as well as the
physiology of sleep apnea, follows up with patients to ensure successful therapy, and also assists
patients with any questions or issues they have after starting their CPAP therapy.
Christopher Warren, CPSGT has five years of sleep experience and works with our CPAP
program department setting up patients with CPAP equipment and supplies, as well as
counseling patients on CPAP therapy and sleep hygiene.
Randy Kuchenreuther, has worked within the DME Industry for 25 years and is currently our
Inventory and supplies specialist.
Henrietta Fleming, RRT
Brian Labanowski, RPSGT,N-EMT
Bill Ladanyi, RPSGT
Jorge Tavares, CRT
Feliza Navarro