Angela Chatman: GJVA/VA-MW Program Director
Jessica Craig: Authorizations and E&B for In-Lab Sleep Studies, Billing and Collections Specialist
Melanie Mertz: Medical Records
Jessica Eve Vargas: Operations Analysts/Scheduling
Jessica McIlvaine: Referral and Data Specialist Director
Jeanne Pabellon: Administrative Assistant
Christopher Warren: Chief Scheduler
Laura Matamorro: Project Assistant


Luis Socorro: RPSGT is our Chief Technologist. He works closely with our interpreting physicians to assure communications of their requirements to technical staff. He was a Medical Doctor in Cuba.
Ingrid Rincon: RPSGT, our Reno Lab Director and one of our scoring techs for our South Meadows Reno office. She was a Medical Doctor in Venezuela for 11 years.
Austin Hankins: RPSGT, RST has over 12 years of sleep experience.
Erick Bartolome: RPSGT, RRT, has over 12 years of sleep experience, he is also a registered respiratory therapist in Nevada. His vast knowledge base has equipped him with superior assessment and clinical skills and is relied upon for difficult titrations.
Christopher Warren: CPSGT has 9 years of sleep experience and our Chief Sheduler
Bill Ladanyi, RPSGT
Ramon Palacios: 12 years experienced in sleep.
Larry Myers: RPSGT, has worked in sleep and neurology field over 13 years.
Paul Gonzalez: has worked in sleep for 6 years