Coronavirus PSA

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7 December, 2016
2019 VA Synopsis: Management of Chronic Insomnia and OSA
12 March, 2020
  • Nevada Sleep Diagnostics would like to share ways in which we are protecting our patients and ourselves from the coronavirus:
    • Our office staff are observing strict adherence to surface protocols including wiping down computers, desks, door handles, and phone surfaces at frequent intervals.
    • All staff are thoroughly washing their hands frequently and are continuously using hand sanitizer throughout the day.
    • If our sleep technologists or staff report sick, they are excused immediately.
  • We would also like to take this opportunity to share helpful tips with our patients and visitors to help prevent the spread of this virus:
    • If you feel ill before your appointment, we strongly urge you to reschedule as soon as you begin to experience symptoms.
    • Hand washing is still the best method for preventing infections. Masks have very limited benefits and are not an adequate method to prevent infection. Encourage your family members and friends, especially children, to wash their hands thoroughly and often.
    • Patients should avoid touching their faces without washing their hands first. The Corona virus is a respiratory/lung illness, caught by breathing in droplets from an infected person.  Droplets left on surfaces, particularly soft or paper surfaces can last for days. Touching the surface, then touching your face could cause infection.
  • Having a good, strong immune system is another preventative method.  Healthy Sleep maintains a strong immune system. Research appropriate vitamins on your own or ask your doctor what is best for you. Powdered Vitamin C is recommended by virologists.
  • Finally, patients that don’t wish to visit our lab facility due to concerns related to the coronavirus may be eligible for our two-night premium home sleep test. If your insurance will not cover a home sleep test, we do offer them on a cash pay basis.

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