What is a home sleep apnea test?

To diagnose sleep apnea or other disorders, patients must take polysomnographic sleep studies. Traditionally, these were performed in sleep labs overnight. These involve expensive monitoring equipment and constant supervision. However, with home sleep tests, patients can record sleep data in the comfort of their homes with one small device that records their sleep data for two nights.

What are the benefits compared to an in-lab sleep study?

  • Ease of use:

    Our Process

    The CleveMed home sleep apnea testing device is based on a 20 channel polysomnographic monitoring device, but is simplified for patients to easily use before bed. Patients need only pick up the device from our lab or receive it in the mail, use it for two nights, then drop it off at our lab, or ship it back.

  • Cost of materials and services:

    Home sleep testing requires significantly fewer resources than traditional in-lab testing, and uses less expensive materials. This translates to a 30% reduction in cost for insurance companies per study compared to in-lab alternatives.

  • Quicker turnaround:

    Due to a more efficient process, a higher maximum patient volume, and a device-centric system, we are able to generate final reports much quicker. These reports feature sleep study scoring by highly experienced RPSGTs, and impressions performed by a Stanford Fellowship trained, Board Certified sleep physician.

  • Online portal:

    Our highly optimized process allows providers to see each stage a patient is currently in, and conveniently retrieve their reports from a HIPAA compliant repository.