Home Sleep Test Application for Nevada Sleep Diagnostics


Simple and efficient

With included instructions, our home sleep tests are no-fuss and easy to use
Home Sleep Test Application

Clean and safe

All devices are thoroughly sanitized between uses, and all disposable components are replaced with brand new ones


Please email the Fully Completed application to us HERE or fax it to: (702) 990-7665

After reviewing your insurance (if you are not self-paying), we will contact you by email or phone to schedule you or relay what additional steps you may need to take for insurance purposes.

Please look for emails from the domain “nevadasleep.com” and any calls from (702) 990-7660.
Home Sleep Test Application

Pick up or mail

We offer local pick-up and drop-off as well as mailing options
HST step 4 pics

Accurate and precise

In-lab studies are the “gold standard”, but by using two nights of data, we can replicate the accuracy, precision, and clinical utility of in-lab studies