2019 VA Synopsis: Management of Chronic Insomnia and OSA
12 March, 2020


HEALTHY SLEEP allows us to function optimally when we are awake. People who sleep well are at a decreased risk for:

Heart disease, stroke

Obesity, diabetes, hypertension

Motor vehicle accidents

Depression and more.

Daytimes symptoms of fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, poor job performance & headaches are minimized with a good night sleep.

Snoring and stopped breathing can be treated to make the night more comfortable.

Benefits of healthy sleep include improved outcomes related to surgery and diabetic and hypertensive medications, retention of older skilled workers, reduced readmissions, efficient physician efforts, and management of risk in industrial situations.

IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY Studies have linked sleep apnea to lower productivity and more absences at work. Sleep apnea can cause memory loss, depression, lethargy, fatigue and difficulty staying awake at work.

REDUCED HEALTH CARE COSTS Sleep apnea is a contributing factor in chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, hyper-tension, depression and obesity. A sleep apnea patient who is untreated will make more visits to the doctor’s office and overall increase health-care utilization and spending, including hospitalization and medications.

ENHANCED SAFETY Fatigue increases risk of work-place related injuries and motor-vehicle accidents. It is important to get quality nights sleep to be productive and safe at work and on the road.

Therapy Management with the Latest in Sleep Health Technology.

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Improve Productivity with Sleep Testing


Improve Productivity with Sleep Testing


Improve Productivity with Sleep Testing


Improve Productivity with Sleep Testing

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