Robert H. Labanowski, BS, MS, CPA

Mr. Labanowski has advanced sleep technology operations and finance at Nevada Sleep Diagnostics for over 20 years. He earned a BS and MS in Accounting from The State University of New York at Albany and furthered his credentials with a New York State CPA License. His mission is to improve the health of the community. This is accomplished by identifying sleep apnea and recommending treatment to reduce long-term healthcare costs, enhance safety, and improve worker productivity. He identifies the needs of veterans, remote clinics for industrial workers, private insurance companies, and complex sleep apnea patients, such as those with heart diseases including atrial fibrillation. Having achieved Joint Accreditation for his facilities since 2001, patient care and safety is his greatest priority.

Medical Director

Michael J. Labanowski, M.D.

Dr. Labanowski has almost three decades of experience in sleep medicine, and serves as the medical director for Nevada Sleep Diagnostics. As a long-term healthcare leader, Dr. Labanowski is board certified in Sleep Disorder Medicine, Neurology, and Psychiatry. He is a Stanford University Sleep Fellow.

Director of Business Development

Angela Morgan, BS

Ms. Morgan earned here BS degree in Healthcare Policy and Administration at the University of Michigan. She has submitted sleep diagnostic proposals and managed associated contracts for over seven years. Her experiences include script writing, entrepreneurship, and health management.

Director of Marketing

Yraima Labanowski, BA

Yraima has served Nevada Sleep Diagnostics as Director of Marketing since 2016. She identifies and pursues targeted populations for sleep diagnostics services, including private companies and insurances. Ms. Labanowski has a degree in business administration with a specialty in marketing. She received it from Cecilio Acosta Catholic University in Maracaibo, Venezuela. She was a radio and TV personality and journalist who interviewed popular artists and political figures.

Chief Sleep Technologist

Luis Socorro, RPSGT

Luis worked for many years as a medical doctor in Cuba, and now serves as a Chief Sleep Technologist. He works closely with interpreting physicians and technologists to maintain a high level of quality in sleep studies.

Ryan Francis, BA

Ryan finds new and lucrative ways to maximize productivity and enhance overall workflow. Ryan holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with minors in Biology and Neuroscience. In his academic career, he spent more than four years in a neuroscience lab performing behavioral electrophysiological research using advanced mathematics to power data analyses and neuro-computational models. He uses his experience with wrangling huge volumes of data to improve data management strategies, and to generate data-driven conclusions for projects.

Austin Hankins, RPSGT, RST

Austin is Nevada Sleep Diagnostic’s primary IT specialist. He maintains software and hardware solutions to ensure sleep facilities are always running at peak efficiency and yield accurate results.

Laura Montemurro

Laura interacts with many veteran patients associated with the VISN 10 outreach program, where home sleep tests are shipped to veterans across the country. With clinical diagnoses from these tests, they can more easily seek sleep treatment from their local health providers.

In-Lab Appointment Manager

Christopher Warren, BS, CPSGT

Christopher’s academic knowledge is intertwined with a strong understanding of healthcare. After earning his sleep tech credentials, Christopher earned a BS in Kinesiology. Using his strong background, he understands and facilitates the patient experience from scheduling to final report.

Home-Study Appointment Manager

Mary Schlivka

Mary uses the skills from her teaching background to help educate patients about what to expect when scheduling them for home-study sleep tests.

Spanish-Speaking Patient Care Coordinator

Jennifer Cruz

Quality healthcare delivery should reach everyone. Jennifer performs the important task of establishing a dialogue with Spanish-speaking patients to ensure they are provided with adequate care.

Medical Referral Specialist

Jessica McIlvaine

Jessica facilitates communication with insurance providers to verify benefits for a variety of inbound and outbound referrals including military patients, private/employer insurances and remote clinic industrial workers. With 10 years of healthcare experience, she expertly educates patients about their benefits. Jessica is also studying mechanical engineering.

Medical Insurance Specialist

Jessica Eve Vargas

Jessica has four years of experience coordinating with Tricare and provides expedient service for active-duty and veteran patients. Her experience in billing ensures authorizations are obtained quickly, benefits are verified accurately, and patients are seen without delay.

Medical Records Specialist

Melanie Mertz

Melanie makes sure all electronic medical records are processed, kept, and transferred through secure and efficient protocols. Melanie has over 15 years of experience in this area, and verifies that records adhere to all HIPAA guidelines and regulations. She contributes to Nevada Sleep Diagnostics’ capacity to perform multiple studies at all four facility locations simultaneously.

Medical Records Specialist

Jeanne Pabellon

Jeanne is instrumental to the security of our physical medical records. She verifies all physical billing paperwork, insurance statements, and patient communication letters are received and mailed quickly, and in accordance with HIPAA.

Ingrid Rincon, RPSGT

A medical doctor in Venezuela for over a decade, Ingrid brings great experience to her polysomnographic studies. She also scores sleep study results and ensures all conclusions are held to the highest degree of scientific and diagnostic quality before sending them to the Medical Director for Impressions.

Luis Socorro, RPSGT

Luis personally scores sleep tests before sending them to the Medical Director for impressions. His medical knowledge and sleep medicine experience make him the chief scorer for complex patients, such as those with obesity, COPD, atrial fibrillation, and other comorbid disorders that can alter the results of sleep studies.

Robert H. Labanowski, RPSGT

Austin Hankins, RPSGT, RST

Austin has accumulated over 14 years of experience in sleep diagnostics. His experience and extra sleep credentials allow him to work with very complex patients, including those with a history of stroke, COPD, and atrial fibrillation.

Christopher Warren, BS, CPSGT

With over 9 years of sleep medicine experience, Christopher is well-versed in polysomnographic testing. He schedules In-Lab sleep tests with industrial workers from private insurances, remote employer clinics, VA patients, and active-duty service members. In addition, he is very knowledgeable about various consumer CPAP, BiPAP, VPAP, and APAP machines, and makes very accurate recommendations for specific masks to increase patient comfort.

Alan Cridebring, RPSGT, CRT

Alan brings a well-honed skillset in polysomnography and pairs it with his experience as a certified respiratory therapist. His specialization in pediatric polysomnography, makes Nevada Sleep Diagnostics one of the few labs that can treat patients between ages four and eighteen.

Paul Gonzalez, CPSGT

Paul has logged six years of work in pediatric sleep testing and offers valuable insights and unique strategies for identifying and testing patients that require special handling.

Erick Bartolome, RPSGT, RRT

In addition to his sleep tech experience, Erick is a registered respiratory therapist. His superior assessment and clinical skills allow him to work with very complex CPAP titrations that can result from sleep apnea comorbidities.

Bill Ladanyi, RPSGT

Bill strongly believes the patient comes first in healthcare, and this is made evident in his attention to patient care.

Ramon Palacios, RPSGT

With more than 12 years working in sleep medicine, Ramon is an established sleep technologist. He applies his experiences to expertly titrating patients to specific CPAP, BiPAP, and VPAP settings.