Premium Veteran Home Sleep Testing

Why Partner With Nevada Sleep Diagnostics?

Serving Veterans for More than 20 Years

  • The Sleep View monitoring device was derived from a 22-channel, full PSG. There are few proven and comparable home sleep apnea testing devices on the market. There are few smaller, lighter or easier to use.
  • Recording clearly defines nature of respiratory event, including central sleep apnea. We tell you whether the Veteran can go straight to APAP or whether an “in lab” titration is required.
  • Clean, concise & complete reports for future care of Veteran. The available veteran medical history is summarized
  • Established and supported by 20 years of providing “in lab” sleep studies to Veterans.

Clear Your Backlog

  • HSAT device & instructions mailed to Veteran, allowing them to test in their own home. Experienced technical administrative staff support and engage Veterans.
  • Well-developed system (established in 2013) provides fast turn-around and a streamlined process. We are one of the longest established programs supporting the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Catch up with back logs and comply with Mission Act. There is no need to wait until a bed in the sleep lab becomes available. Schedule the Veteran Today!
  • Identify Veterans who need advanced medical and sleep services. There is no need to wait months to get a diagnosis in the sleep lab.
  • Test the Veteran while he or she is on CPAP. Learn the success or failure of current CPAP therapy. Learn the next step to improve success.

Stay Informed at Every Step

  • HIPPA compliant portals which satisfy Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General and Federal Information Process and Security Standards
  • Transparent and updated status keeps the Department of Veterans Affairs informed about Veterans progression through process.
  • Cloud software for easy and secure online access to reports and online sleep study management. Quickly find the report you are looking for or learn expected date it will become available.

Save Time and See More Patients

  • Standardized and easy to read. The acquisition data is summarized and reviewed by RPSGT and interpreted by a Board Certified Sleep Physician.
  • Experienced technical administrative staff work with and supports the Veteran to ensure testing success.
  • A detailed report of supporting data and medical history is included with the basic results.
  • Two nights of sleep testing is conducted to assure we obtain sufficient sleep time, correct character of respiratory events, timeliness in reporting. In other words, the HSAT monitor doesn’t have to be sent back out to obtain additional data.
  • Two nights and gold standard sensors provide oxygen and heart rate, respiratory effort and nasal/mouth airflow, sleep/wake time and position, seriousness of snoring.
  • 24/7 hotline is available for Veteran to get questions answered for the first night and after the first night.
  • We can review consistency in sleep from night to night or fix first night problems and get better data on the second night.